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Welcome to Wellsville First United Methodist Church.


Wellsville First United Methodist Church is a church that rests on the long tradition of Wesleyan Theology.  John Wesley began the movement called "Methodism" in the 1700s.  The fervor of this movement quickly spread through Great Britain and came to America where Spiritual hunger during the pre-revolutionary war period was great.  The message of a "warmed heart" ignited by the Holy Spirit brought many people to faith during the formation of America.  The doctrines of grace; prevenient, justifying and sanctifying are mainstays of Wesleyan theology.   Welsey taught the Methodist to "spread scriptural holiness throughout the land."   Wikipedia writes: Wesley embraced Arminian doctrines. Moving across Great Britain and Ireland, he helped form and organize small Christian groups that developed intensive and personal accountability, discipleship and religious instruction."    Methodism has always placed a high priority on maturing Christians in faithfulness, love and service.  We continue in that classical Wesleyan vein seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  Our mission of "Love Grows Here" includes three vital areas of growth through Worship, Bible Study and Service.